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What products are friction stir welding commonly used to weld?

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product What kind of products are friction stir welding commonly used to weld? This welding method is a welding method that the Chinese have not heard of much. In fact, foreigners have already used this welding technology long ago. For example, everyone knows that our country's rocket technology has a certain status worldwide. This welding technology is needed in the production of rockets. The bazooka outside the rocket is not produced in one piece, but is produced after welding piece by piece of workpiece. Because the quality of the rocket must be very strict during production, even slight errors are not allowed. Therefore, the outer cylinder of the rocket needs a better welding technology for production and production, and this technology using friction stir pin for welding can be used.

Friction stir welding is not only widely used in the production of rockets, but also in the production of aircraft. Aircraft is a very mature type of flying vehicle that we humans use. This type of vehicle has to bear a lot of pressure when flying in the sky, so the process requirements for the production of aircraft are also very high. The most important influencing factor of the stability and impact resistance of an aircraft is the frame structure of the aircraft. Many frames need to be connected to each other by welding when producing the frame of the aircraft. Although common welding techniques can also connect the frames. However, there are still some small deficiencies in the structural stability of aircraft frames connected by traditional welding methods. Welding the aircraft frame by means of friction stir pin friction can further improve the stability of the aircraft frame structure, and thus has been widely used in aircraft production.

Friction welding is often used in the production of rockets and airplanes. In addition to the technology used in the production of rocket airplanes, this welding process is also used in the production of large ships. Even everyone knows that our country's high-speed railway is very developed, and it can even rank first in the world. Among the technologies that can support the development of high-speed trains in our country, friction stir welding technology is one of them. The speed of high-speed trains when they are running at high speed is very large. It is not easy for ordinary welding technology to produce such strong resistance High-speed trains, and the stirring pin welding has very high stability, so the high-speed trains we take now use this welding process to connect the parts that need to be welded.

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