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Equipment technical parameters

Detailed list of 0.35T energy-saving induction melting furnace configuration

Time: 2019-08-13

 Series inverter KGPS-0.35T energy-saving induction melting furnace , compared with other types of 0.35T electric furnace, can save 80-100 degrees per ton of steel (power consumption 630 KW.H ).

, electric cabinet:

, rated phase voltage: 380V , medium frequency output voltage 900V , DC current: 600A , power: 300KW

KK SCR 800A / 1600V 8 th

KP SCR 800A / 1600V 6 th

, air switch 1600A

, installed copper row 60 mm X 6 mm

, the reactor (copper tube diameter 12mm , wall thickness 1.2mm coil, ), a balanced reactor

, intelligent system

, capacitor cabinet:

Capacitor 1000KF / 750V 3 sets, 360KF/750V 1 set

, stove ( cables for single furnace )

Reducer: 231

Furnace shell: diameter 900 mm high 920 mm.

Induction coil: Copper tube 20 mm X 20 mm X 2.5 mm inner diameter 480 mm 25 turns.

Features :

1. Intelligent system, fast protection, durable thyristor, good starting performance, stable operation and convenient operation.

, using large copper rowing machine, increase the reactor (for 0.5T electric furnace), save electricity.

, using tons of electric furnace structure, induction furnace loss is small; using booster circuit, the voltage at both ends of the electric furnace can reach 1800V ( two times the output voltage of the electric cabinet ), the loss of water cable and induction coil is small; using large furnace shell, furnace The shell temperature rises low and the shell loss is low.

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