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Steps of friction stir welding

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Friction stir welding usually consists of the following four steps:

1.The conversion of mechanical energy into thermal energy;

Plastic deformation of the material;

3.Forging pressure under thermoplastic;

4. Recrystallization by intermolecular diffusion.



The major difference between friction welding and traditional fusion welding is that during the entire welding process, the temperature to which the metal to be welded has reached the temperature does not reach its melting point, that is, the metal is a forging-like solid phase connection realized in the thermoplastic state.


Compared with traditional fusion welding, friction welding has high welding joint quality-it can reach the strength of the weld seam and the base material, high welding efficiency, stable quality, good consistency, and can realize the welding of dissimilar materials.

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