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Precautions for installation and commissioning of induction melting furnace hydraulic system

Time: 2019-08-14

Precautions for installation and commissioning of induction melting furnace hydraulic system

Induction melting furnace oil supply system

A. The direction of rotation of the hydraulic oil pump is not allowed to reverse (rotate in the direction of the oil pump, ie the direction of the arrow). The pump motor start does not allow the load to start. The oil pump is strictly prohibited from running without oil. The motor should be started several times after continuous operation.

B. The hydraulic oil must be clean and no sand and impurities are allowed. The hydraulic oil must be filtered to enter the tank.

Induction melting furnace hydraulic control system

The opening and closing position of various valve handwheels should pay attention to the direction of rotation:

1.  Throttle: Rotate clockwise to increase flow and vice versa.

2. Overflow valve: Rotate clockwise to increase pressure and vice versa. The relief valve acts as a pressure regulator and safety function in the system. The system pressure should be determined according to the regulations, and overload adjustment is not allowed. The electromagnetic spill valve does not allow the load to start together with the motor. Only when the motor is running normally, the solenoid valve of the electromagnetic spill valve can be energized to work when the system is working.

3.   Directional valve: In the hydraulic system, the direction of the hydraulic oil is changed, and the manual reversing valve and the electromagnetic reversing valve are divided. When the valve is not working, the valve spool is always in the middle position, and the electromagnet in the solenoid valve must be connected according to the system requirements. It is not allowed to disassemble the solenoid valve and the valve body.

Induction melting furnace hydraulic cylinder

Acting as an actuator in the hydraulic system, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder should be guaranteed not to be injured. Have multiple maintenance.

Induction melting furnace hydraulic pipe installation and cleaning

   The steel pipe for the hydraulic system must have sufficient strength, the inner wall is smooth, and there is no sand, rust or scale. Must be seamless steel pipe. Before installation, it should be pickled to remove the corrosion and scale of the inner wall. Then remove the acid solution and rinse off the acid solution with water. Finally, rinse with oil. No water is allowed to be installed. The distance between the pipe mounting brackets (tube clamps) is generally fixed at an unequal distance of 500 to 1500 mm.

Induction melting furnace oil supply of debugging

The hydraulic oil in the fuel tank should be higher than the upper end of the liquid level gauge. To turn on the motor, first turn the power switch 2 or 3 times to determine whether the rotation direction is correct before starting continuously. The oil pump should be operated for 10 minutes under no load and the pressure should be gradually adjusted:

1. Set the pressure 1Mpa (1Kg/cm ) to rotate the control valve, let the actuator (hydraulic cylinder) reciprocate several times, and when the hydraulic cylinder enters normal operation (no creep phenomenon), proceed to the next step.

2. Set the pressure to the working pressure specified by the system, turn the control valve, adjust the throttle valve, and make the hydraulic system enter the normal state.

3. Check that the tank hydraulic oil is at the upper end of the level gauge. If it is lower than the lower end of the clamp, hydraulic oil should be added to the upper end of the level gauge in time.

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