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Advantages of friction stir welding

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The chemical industry in our daily life is caused by a variety of processes. Nowadays, society is getting more and more advanced. With the continuous maturity of various welding technologies, today I will introduce a welding technology. What advantages does it have? Let's first understand this welding technology. Its name is friction stir welding. So what are the advantages of this friction stir welding, let me briefly introduce the advantages of friction stir welding.

First of all, friction stir welding material belongs to a new type of welding technology. During the welding process, he does not use other friction fuel, and in the process of consumption, does not require electrodes and other items like other traditional welding technologies. So in the process of using it can be said to save money and effort. And in the welding process, the temperature required by this technology is lower. In the process of use, it will protect the material we are welding more than the traditional welding technology. In the process of use, friction stir welding The item that needs to be used is mainly a welding head, so in the process of friction of the welding head, he will generate heat, and under the action of friction stir welding, he will find that this welding structure is very good for the welding material. Because welding materials are widely used in the market for us, how to maintain friction stir welding materials? In fact, we only need to replace the welding head on a regular basis, because it will perfectly combine our materials during use. If the bonding force is not as tight and tight as other materials, then the welding technology of this material will be It will not be called the most advanced friction stir welding. In the welding process, we can find that when we use aerospace materials for seam welding, we must use friction stir welding, and when this welding technology is mature, many of our alloy materials, in his opinion, follow Innately welded like that. So that's why each of us likes to use friction stir welding consumables to focus on the synthesis of some materials in our aerospace industry. This welding technique is more widely used in some relatively thin alloys. It does not change all the states of the material itself, but welds the two materials together to become flawless.

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