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Advantages of friction stir welding

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Friction stir welding is an environmentally friendly, solid-phase welding innovative technology that does not require solder, can be directly penetrated, and can be automated mechanical welding.

1) Non-melting, solid-phase welding.

The welding temperature of friction stir welding is relatively low, but it softens to a thermoplastic state without melting.

2), environmental protection, health and safety.

Friction stir welding does not generate high temperatures and toxic gases, and is much more friendly to the operator's health and working environment.

3) No solder is required and the cost is low.

Friction stir welding does not require solder, which saves a lot of cost for the company, because high-end solder is often very expensive.

4), metallurgical fusion, high welding strength.

Friction stir welding, rotation makes the material softer by heating (at the melting point), plasticizes the material and is mixed by stirring, and realizes metallurgical fusion through the process of recovery and recrystallization. The strength is close to the base material.

5), can realize automatic mechanical welding

Friction stir welding can accurately calculate the welding heat and the thermal deformation of the workpiece caused by a specific formula, thereby providing a quantitative basis that is almost independent of operator experience for compensation before and after correction. Automation of friction stir welding equipment becomes quite easy.

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