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What are the advantages of friction stir welding?

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The main advantages of friction stir welding are as follows:


(1) The microstructure change of the heat affected zone of the welded joint is small, the residual stress is relatively low, and the welded workpiece is not easily deformed.


(2) It can complete long welding seams, large cross-sections, and different positions at one time, and the joints are high.


(3) The operation process is convenient to realize mechanization and automation, simple equipment, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and low requirements for the operating environment


(4) No need to add welding wire, no need to remove oxide film before welding aluminum alloy, no need for shielding gas, low cost


(5) Welding hot crack sensitive materials, suitable for welding of dissimilar materials


(6) The welding process is safe, pollution-free, smoke-free, radiation-free, etc.

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