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What are the advantages and disadvantages of friction stir welding?

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(1) The microstructure change of the heat affected zone of the welded joint is small. The residual stress is relatively low, and the welding workpiece is not easy to shape;

(2) It can form long welding seams, large cross-sections, and different positions at one time. Joint height:

(3) The operation process is convenient to realize mechanization and automation, simple equipment, low energy consumption and high efficiency:

(4) No need to add welding wire, no need to remove oxide film before welding when welding aluminum alloy, no shielding gas needed, low cost;

(5) Welding hot crack sensitive materials, suitable for welding of dissimilar materials:

(6) The welding process is safe, pollution-free, smoke-free, and radiation-free.


Disadvantages of friction stir welding: The welding workpiece must be rigidly fixed, and there should be a base plate on the reverse side. When the welding probe is raised at the end of welding, a keyhole is formed at the end of the weld, and it is difficult to repair the weld: tool design, process parameters and mechanical performance data Available only in a limited range of alloys: in some cases, such as corrosion performance, residual stress and deformation in special fields, the performance needs to be further improved before it can be practically used; when a single-pass connection of plates is currently welded, The speed is not very high: the wear of the mixing head is too fast and so on.

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