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What is the principle of friction stir welding

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In fact, any product in real life must have a relatively fixed principle. This principle is not only a standard and principle that all product producers must pay attention to during the production process. It is also a problem that all consumers must first understand after purchasing related products, because only after they understand the principles can they be better used and ensure that some unexpected problems do not occur during use. Nowadays, friction stir welding has been widely used in real life. With its unique advantages and excellent quality, it has indeed contributed a lot in industrial production. So this also explains why more and more people now want to know more about the principle of friction stir welding in real life. In order to solve people's doubts, let us discuss this issue together.

First of all, we must know that the friction welding method of stirring is not particularly different from the conventional friction welding in daily life. Friction stir welding also uses the heat generated by friction and plastic deformation, and heat is used as a heat source for welding. Although the basic principles are not particularly different, there are also differences. The biggest difference between friction stir welding and some other ordinary friction welding is actually that the welding process of friction stir welding mainly consists of a cylinder or some other shape of stirring needles protruding into the joints of the workpiece. After entering the joint, the high-speed rotation of the welding head causes severe friction with the welded workpiece material, so that the temperature of the material at the connection site can gradually increase and soften. In this way, the material can be stirred and frictioned at the same time to complete the entire welding process. During the welding process, the workpiece must be rigidly fixed on the back pad, while the welding head is rotating at high speed, and the relative movement between the welding head and the joint of the workpiece is generated. In this way, the frictional heat generation on the surface of the workpiece can effectively prevent the plastic material from overflowing after the frictional heat generation. At the same time, it can also directly remove the oxide film produced on the surface.

It can be seen that there is indeed a very clear help and role for such a friction stir welding, and the principle of this tool is not particularly difficult to understand. As industrial producers can choose directly, it can help us create very rich value.

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