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Friction stir welding tool industry application

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For the aerospace industry, Shenzhen Xinjinrun can achieve 2mm-40mm thick high-strength aluminum alloy single-sided welding, welding seam is formed at a time, the joint quality reaches level 1, and the joint strength can reach 90%. The recirculating stirring head can realize the welding of 1mm-35mm thick cylinder ring seam, improve the product quality stability and production efficiency, and help China's spacecraft to travel freely in space.

For the aviation industry, Shenzhen Xinjinrun ranges from 2mm thin plates to 40mm thick plates, from 2XXX aluminum alloys to 7XXX super-hard aluminum alloys. The stirring head serves as the "heart" of friction stir welding technology, providing perfect for each weld. High-quality performance helps the development of the aviation industry.

For the shipbuilding industry, Shenzhen Xinjinrun can realize friction stir welding of single-sided ribbed, single-sided multi-ribbed, hollow profiles, and hollow ribbed plates of aluminum alloys such as 5XXX and 6XXX, with a welding efficiency of 1000mm-1500mm per minute. A single stirring tool can achieve an effective welding length of not less than 1000m, and the deformation after welding is small.

For the train industry, Shenzhen Xinjinrun can provide 2-80mm single-shoulder mixing heads with a life of not less than 1000m according to the needs of different welded joint structures of the products; and 2-30mm double-shoulder mixing heads with a life of not less than 200m. It can perfectly realize the friction stir welding of aluminum alloy of air conditioning board, coupler board and large parts of car body.

For the automotive industry, Shenzhen Xinjinrun can achieve effective welding of different materials such as aluminum alloy rolled plates, extruded profiles, cast aluminum alloys, and magnesium alloys according to the special needs of automotive parts and products. The welding speed can be up to 2m / min , The life of a single mixing tool is not less than 1000m.

For the power electronics industry, Shenzhen Xinjinrun can provide various specifications of aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, copper alloy and other heat dissipation welding heads from 1mm ultra-thin board welding to 110mm radar panel welding.

There are laser navigation friction stir welding machine, welding and washing integrated friction stir welding machine, dual-shoulder friction stir welding machine, etc.

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