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A brief introduction to the history of friction stir welding

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What is the history of friction stir welding? Some people may think that this welding technology is relatively new, because in the impression of many people, when welding a workpiece, it is often the welding machine and welding rod that need to be used, and it is necessary to wear a thick helmet for the workers to perform welding. operating. And this welding process using friction method is not usually contacted by everyone, so I feel a little incredible. In fact, this welding method has been invented long ago, but it is only because of how you have seen it so that you do n’t understand it. Today I will introduce to you the history of friction welding.

Friction stir welding was first invented in 1991. The welding technology was invented from a research institute in the United Kingdom. After this institute invented this welding technology, it also applied for a special welding patent. Because this way of welding between products has more advantages than ordinary welding technology, so as early as 1991, this welding technology has been used in the manufacturing industry. After the British invented this welding technology in 1991, some commercial companies in Lowe began to invent and produce friction welding related equipment, this equipment can be 3 to 15 mm products Welding together, about 98 years ago, Boeing began to use this welding technology in large quantities, and later in the production process of rocket components, friction welding was frequently used. At the beginning, the method of friction welding has a certain limit due to the size of the parts that can be welded, so although the range of use is not large.

Friction stir welding began to develop better and better. For example, McDonnell Douglas later used this welding technology in a wider field. After the invention from the British to the Norwegian production of equipment, and then to the wheat The active promotion and use of Dao Company has made this friction welding method more and more popular. Until the end, this welding method will be used in all walks of life. The biggest feature of this welding method is that the duration of the welding process is relatively short, and the parts where the products are connected to each other after welding are more reliable. The requirements for the operator during the welding process will not be particularly high.

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