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Friction stir welding technology has become one of the key technologies in aerospace

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Aerospace engineering is a systematic project, the crystallization of human wisdom, and the frontier of new materials and new manufacturing technologies. Among many aerospace manufacturing technologies, connection technology has always been one of the main manufacturing technologies of aerospace structural parts. There are several types of aerospace connection technologies, they are: adhesive bonding, arc brazing, electron beam welding, friction stir welding, friction plug welding, laser welding. The successful application of friction stir welding in the U.S. and European aerospace industries indicates that friction stir welding has a huge potential application background and prospects in the aerospace field. Friction stir welding is a low-cost, high-efficiency and high-quality light alloy in the aerospace manufacturing industry. Connection provides an effective way. Therefore, friction stir welding is recognized by the industry as one of the most promising and most suitable process technology for aerospace material connection.

In 1991, the British Welding Institute (TWI-The Welding Institute, Cambridge, UK) developed friction stir welding (FSW) for light nonferrous metals with poor weldability.

In 1996, Boeing invested USD 15 million in the research and development of friction stir welding and the design and manufacture of friction stir welding equipment.

In 1997, Boeing and the British Welding Research Institute conducted a systematic friction stir welding method and technology study on the materials and cylindrical structure used on the launch vehicle.

Boeing first applied friction stir welding to the connection and manufacture of the middle compartment of the Delta II launch vehicle, and successfully launched it in August 1999.

Ariane No. 5 engine bearing frame produced by European Fokker Aerospace Company adopts friction stir welding technology for welding.

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