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Application of Friction Stir Welding in Water-cooled Plate

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Application of friction stir welding in water-cooled plates:

In the power electronics heat dissipation industry, water-cooled plate heat dissipation is becoming popular. Due to the continuous pursuit of high reliability and low cost, the traditional vacuum brazing technology has some disadvantages for certain industries and product structures. The water-cooled plate adopts the friction stir welding process, which makes the water channel design more free, the sealing reliability is better, and the hard anode surface treatment can be used at the same time.


Friction stir welding refers to the use of the heat generated by the friction between the welding tool and the workpiece rotating at high speed to melt the material to be welded locally. It flows from the front to the rear of the welding tool and forms a dense solid-phase weld under the extrusion of the welding tool.


Technical characteristics:


1. No welding defects in the welding seam, no element burnout, no thermal cracks, and high reliability without leakage;


2. Segregation of elements and structure without solidification, the microstructure of the welding zone is isotropic, and there is no excess weld seam;


3. The welding process is simple and belongs to the type of welding without adding flux: no wire filling, no groove opening, no pre-welding treatment, no shielding gas;


4. Environmental protection during processing, no light and gas pollution;


5. Shrinkage and small deformation of the welding area;


6. Due to the popularity of the equipment, the cost of friction stir welding will be further reduced and become a commonly used welding technology.

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