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Friction stir welding standard

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Friction stir welding standard

As the technical language of international exchanges and the technical basis of international trade, standards have played an important role in ensuring product quality, improving market trust, promoting commodity circulation, and maintaining fair competition. With the deepening of economic globalization, the role of standards in international competition has become more prominent.

Shenzhen Xinjinrun Technology Co., Ltd. (a factory in AVIC South China) pays special attention to standardization. Based on a large amount of scientific research data and practical experience, it has successively established "Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Friction Stir Welding Process" and "Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Quality Inspection And other relevant standards.


Enterprise Standard

Friction stir welding process for aluminum and aluminum alloy Q / 9S 102—2004

Quality Inspection of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Q / 9S 103—2004


Industry Standard

Friction stir welding process of aviation aluminum alloy components


International Standard

Friction stir welding-Aluminium-Part 1: Vocabulary (ISO / DIS 25239-1: 2009)

Friction stir welding-Aluminium-Part 2: Design of weld joints (ISO / DIS 25239-2: 2009)

Friction stir welding-Aluminium-Part 3: Qualification of welding operators (ISO / DIS 25239-3: 2009)

Friction stir welding-Aluminium-Part 4: Specification and qualification of welding procedures (ISO / DIS 25239-4: 2009)

Friction stir welding-Aluminium-Part 5: Quality and inspection requirements (ISO / DIS 25239-5: 2009)

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