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Automatic control technology of friction stir welding equipment

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Since the introduction of friction stir welding technology from the UK in 2002, AVIC has continuously developed new processes over the past 16 years, making the automatic control technology for friction stir welding more and more perfect. The most typical automatic control system for friction stir welding equipment includes industrial PCs and communications. Modules, control systems, human-machine interfaces, sensing and transmission systems, programming control software, etc. AVIC has summarized more than ten years of experience in control technology of friction stir welding equipment. Based on the German BECKHOFF (Beckhoff) CNC platform, it has developed a complete and compatible Chinese window control system to realize the automatic control of special equipment for friction stir welding.


In this system, it integrates the most advanced light touch tool setting, pressure control, displacement control and other technologies. According to customer needs, it can increase the welding seam starting point search and tracking, automatic clamping of the fixture, simultaneous removal of welding flash, Eliminate functions such as welding tail holes.


The "Special Control System for Friction Stir Welding Equipment" software adopted by AVIC was independently developed by our company and obtained the National Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate (No. 1264328).


The powerful and friendly touch operation screen can monitor the welding process parameters in real time, and can easily set and modify the values. It supports both manual and automatic operation modes.


With the continuous development of friction stir welding automation control technology and the application of Ethernet control automation technology, AVIC has developed an automated production line that supports the cooperative work of multiple FSW equipment, and the production efficiency and product performance have been further improved.

AVIC is willing to cooperate with you to improve the process, reduce costs, and help you beat your peers to win the future!

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