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What materials can friction stir welding be used for

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What materials can friction stir welding be used for welding? For factories or enterprises that want to use this welding process, the most important thing is whether their products can be welded using this welding technology. The most important thing is what kind of material this welding process is suitable for. This welding technique is to melt some metals with a relatively low melting point by means of high temperature. For example, aluminum or copper and its alloys that we usually see easily can be welded by this welding technique. In addition, some non-ferrous metals can also be welded using this welding technique. Let's briefly introduce what kind of materials can be used for this kind of welding.

Some plastic materials with strong plasticity in friction stir welding passenger stations, such as some black materials with good plasticity in the industry, can be welded in this way, and this welding method is not limited to the use of On metal, products that may be plastic, for example, can also be welded in this way. In addition to this, it should also be considered whether the specific value of the products produced is worth using this welding technique. If the value of the product produced is already very low, it is completely possible to use ordinary welding technology, and there is no need to use this technology. In this welding technique, the welding process will produce only slight changes to the two workpieces, without leaving a long weld, and the welding surface is very smooth and clean. The entire welding process is completely automated. The entire operation process does not require many workers to intervene, and the energy consumption of the welding equipment is also very low, which will not have a bad impact on the environment.

Here we introduce the materials suitable for friction stir welding. This welding technology is currently in a stage of rapid development, and it may not be long before there will be more advanced and improved supply. Welding is widely used in industrial production. Common welding will produce a lot of pollution and even radiation, which will affect the environment and the health of personnel. However, after using this welding method, the impact on the environment and the human body has been reduced to The lowest is a very good welding method. Even some crack-sensitive materials or some dissimilar materials can be welded using this technique. There are also some workpieces that are difficult to weld in the traditional way can also try to use this method for welding.

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