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What are the outstanding advantages of friction stir welding?

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The reason why friction stir welding can be used in a wide range in a short time is definitely its unique advantage. The technical advantages of this welding are quite obvious, especially compared with the traditional welding process, the advantages of this welding technology is simply irreplaceable. When welding using the traditional process, it is easy to produce a large amount of inclusions, and if the operator's skills are not good, there may be some holes in the inside, or there may be some cracks in the parts seen, which will seriously affect the welding The quality of the parts, and if this new type of welding is used, these so-called inclusions and pores are completely absent, and there will be no cracks in the welded parts, which is more than traditional welding. Perfect welding technology.

Friction stir welding is completely automated by the machine during the entire operation, and does not allow manual intervention in the welding process during operation. Traditional welding relies heavily on the welding master, and many welding masters During operation, due to problems of experience and attention, it may lead to some unqualified parts of the judged parts. Even some highly skilled masters will inevitably have distractions and distractions during operation. In this way, the quality of the welding will be good or bad, but using this welding method can avoid some misunderstandings of the workers, because this welding is all automated by the entire machine, the machine The control is very precise and in place, so that some errors caused by human factors can be avoided. This fully automated welding process is simply impossible for ordinary manual welding to compare. The materials that can be used with this welding technique are even more extensive. Of course, traditional materials can be used, and some new materials can also be used. However, if traditional welding can only target some more common materials, it involves The high-end materials are helpless.

Friction stir welding also has many other advantages. For example, this welding process will not produce a lot of metal splashes, nor will it cause a lot of smoke, nor will it produce a lot of ultraviolet radiation, which is more satisfying. Welding technology required for environmental protection, with this technology can greatly reduce the negative impact of industrial production on the environment.

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