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What is friction stir welding?

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In fact, we may all already know that industrial development has reached a very high level now. In the process of industrial development, it has also applied to different aspects. For example, the common metals and their processing industries are in the society and have contributed a very important role. If an industry wants to develop more perfect, it must be inseparable from all aspects of the effort. Only by using more good tools can such industries achieve a better development. There are also many common industrial production tools. But many people are concerned about friction stir welding. Many people were not very familiar with such a professional-looking term at first, but we can know that such a professional tool has indeed been applied to a very common level in real life with a little investigation. . Therefore, under such a condition, some people will inevitably want to know more clearly about the different information related to this. They will ask what kind of tool is friction stir welding? In fact, this problem can be solved not only to solve people's doubts, but also to enable industrial producers to better grasp the methods used.

In fact, friction stir welding is not something that we think is so complicated to understand. In fact, he has already used it quite widely in the process of industrial production. It mainly uses the heat generated by the movement and friction of the end faces of the workpiece to work. Such heat can bring the entire end of the friction welding to a thermoplastic state, and once such a state is reached, the welding of the top section can be completed quickly. Such a process has always been a very good welding method not only to save a lot of time. The requirements for materials are not particularly complicated. Therefore, friction stir welding can easily connect a variety of different materials, whether it is the same kind or a material, or some metal or some metal and other synthetic materials can be stupidly connected.

In fact, friction stir welding has been in use for a long time. This method of friction welding has a long history in manufacturing. The productivity of this method is very high, and the quality has reached a better level before it can be widely used in engineering. But we must know that the welding objects are mainly rotary parts. Although it has its fixed form, it will not be limited in use, so we don't have to worry about it at all.

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