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Daily inspection of friction stir welding

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The correct use and maintenance of friction stir welding equipment can effectively improve the life of the equipment, and regular inspections can find problems in time for maintenance and make the equipment run better.

1. Switch Check

1. Ensure that the equipment operation site and environment are clean and tidy;


2. Check for leaks and loose connections;


3. Check whether the surface of components in the electric control cabinet and the surface of the servo motor are clean.

Second, daily inspection

1. Confirm whether the operation sound of the servo motor is normal.


2. Tool holders and friction stir welding tools have reliable clamping and accurate positioning without fouling.


3. The appearance of the switches, buttons, and connectors is intact, responsive, and damaged and replaced.


Three, weekly inspection

1. Check loose parts and ensure that all screws are fixed and reliable.


2. Ensure the installation position of the stroke limit switch of each axis is accurate. It is forbidden to adjust the position of the travel switch at will. .



Fourth, monthly inspection

1. Move each axis to the limit position to check the condition of the rail shield and clean it.


2. Check the motor for grease coverage and acid and alkali chemical erosion.


3. Check the exposed cables for damage or looseness.


Five and six months inspection

1. Check the operation of the screw and the lubrication of the linear bearings of the X, Y, and Z axes.


2. Screw: If there is a malfunction or damage, you need to contact the screw supplier in time.


3. Lubrication: Fill the lubricating oil to lubricate the screw nuts of X, Y and Z axes.


4. Towline: Check the abrasion of the towline's conduit and repair or replace it in time.


6. Annual inspection

1. Lubrication of spindle bearings.


2. Check the operation of electrical servo contacts and replace them in time if necessary.


3. Check the lines of the control panel to ensure that all insulated lines are in good condition.

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