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CNC gantry milling machine to reduce its existing errors, it

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In the practical application of CNC gantry milling machines, most of the failures are caused by the damage of machine parts. How to deal with them in a timely manner will directly affect normal use, and in severe cases, it will also affect the overall machining accuracy. How to maintain the parts of the CNC gantry milling machine and reduce the errors?
1. When operating CNC gantry milling, ensure that the guide surface is clean and that no chips, abrasive particles, etc. fall on it. If there is, it will increase the friction of the guide rail and cause the guide rail to rust.
2. It is necessary to regularly maintain and maintain the guide rails, and check the amount of lubricating oil on the rails daily. If the oil is not enough, add lubricating oil.
3. Regularly check whether the oil pump can be started and stopped regularly, and pay attention to whether it can provide lubricating oil when starting.
4. The guide rail needs to be kept lubricated to avoid problems such as friction and temperature rise. The guide rail is generally self-lubricating. If the guide rail is not lubricated, you need to check the diverter valve.
5. When processing graphite and ceramics, please use graphite CNC gantry milling. Because graphite and ceramic materials are processed, the processing dust is large, and it is easy to enter the guide rail, which affects the service life.
The programming error of CNC gantry milling is different from that of ordinary machine tools. The machining accuracy of the workpiece is not only related to the processing process, but also closely related to the programming stage before processing. Because of the principle of program control itself. Programming errors are inevitable.
The effect of interpolation error. When machining a workpiece on a CNC gantry milling machine, the inclined straight line is formed by the tool walking along the two coordinate axes on the plane, so that the workpiece surface is jagged and the interpolation error is formed. The influencing factors of interpolation error mainly include machine tool resolution, pulse uniformity, dynamic characteristics of control system, interpolation method and algorithm, etc.
  The vibration of CNC gantry milling machine generally includes forced vibration and self-excited vibration. Forced vibration may come from inside or outside the machine; self-excited vibration comes from a relative vibration between the tool and the workpiece during the cutting process. The vibration of the machine tool directly affects the surface quality, productivity and the life of the machine tool and the tool. When the frequency of the vibration source is equal to the natural frequency of the machine tool or its multiple, the machine tool will resonate and increase the amplitude. In severe cases, even the moving parts are damaged, resulting in strong noise and fatigue of the operator.

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