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Failure analysis and maintenance suggestions of CNC gantry m

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Failure analysis and maintenance suggestions of CNC gantry milling machine
During the long-term use of CNC gantry milling machines, it is inevitable that they will encounter minor faults to varying degrees. The components of CNC gantry milling machines can be divided into CNC gantry milling machines, CNC systems and servo drives. Most of their faults occur in these places. Today, I will share the fault classification of CNC gantry milling machines:
First, the software of the CNC system is faulty. It can be divided into system software failure and application software failure, which are characterized by:
    1. System software failure: caused by design reasons, manifested as the inherent nature of the failure.
    2. Application software failure: caused by human input errors, with certain contingency and randomness.
    3. Software failure is the most prone to occur and the maintenance cost is lower, so you should start from here when repairing.
Second, the hardware failure of the CNC system: can be divided into permanent failure, intermittent failure, marginal failure three types, its characteristics are:
    1. Permanent failure: It is characterized by being fixed and cannot be recovered, also known as hard failure.
    2. Intermittent faults: With a certain randomness, they can be converted into hard faults.
    3. Marginal faults: Changes in boundary values ​​caused by aging of components can gradually be converted into permanent faults.
3. Interference fault of CNC system: It can be divided into internal interference and external interference. Its characteristics are:
    1. Internal interference: caused by improper handling of system technology, structure, circuit design, power supply and ground wire, or changes in component performance, it is highly incidental and random.
    2. External interference: It often shows different characteristics depending on the work site and working environment, and it is also very occasional and random.
4. Servo failure: It can be divided into control part failure and drive motor failure, which are characterized by:
    1. Control part failure: failure caused mainly by overload or poor heat dissipation.
    2. Drive motor failure: Due to the poor working environment of the equipment, the drive motor is easy to pollute, corrode, wear or burn. This kind of fault is one of the most common faults, and should be paid more attention to. Similar detection systems are also susceptible to pollution and corrosion, and are also one of the devices with a high failure rate.
    3. Mechanical wear failure: During the use of the CNC gantry milling machine, due to the friction caused by the relative movement, the moving surfaces are scraped and ground with each other, and the erosion of chemical substances causes the wear of the parts.
Friendly reminder: How to maintain the CNC gantry milling machine?
1. We need to check and maintain the wire rope every week, lubricate the wire rope with the grease, the wire rope pulley, and the rotary bearing. It is also necessary to inspect the wire rope for corrosion, abrasion or strand breaks, and once the strand breaks are found, they should be replaced immediately.
2. Monthly check the control cabinet and hanging operation box to remove dust. In addition, the filter of the electric cabinet fan should be cleaned at least once a month.
3. It is necessary to check the smoothness of the sliding surface, whether the oil tank is smooth, whether the oil is sufficient, whether the gap between the wedge and the guide rail is moderate, and the lower end surface is smooth. If there is a problem, it should be dealt with in a timely manner.
4. Check the lubricating oil tank every six months to check whether the oil quality meets the requirements and whether the amount of oil is in place. The inside of the tank must be clean and free of dirt.
Summary of experience: Regular maintenance of CNC gantry milling machines is very important. Master earlier to avoid errors, I hope the above knowledge will be helpful to everyone. The CNC gantry milling machine has a clear difference in faults, and it pays attention to maintenance to make the machine life longer.

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