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What are the main components of CNC gantry milling machine

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What are the main components of CNC gantry milling machine
A major component of the CNC gantry milling machine is the milling head, which is supported on high-precision bearings. The main features of the milling head spindle are high slewing accuracy and good rigidity. It can quickly change tool nuts and process production progress. The front end cone uses 1 $ 0505 taper. The spindle uses mechanical stepless speed change. Wide, smooth transmission and easy operation.
In the machining of CNC gantry milling machine, in order to ensure that the high-speed spindle can be stopped in time, the CNC gantry milling machine is equipped with a special brake mechanism. Assist time can be saved. When braking, the stop ring is opened to stop the spindle immediately. When starting the main motor, pay attention to release the spindle brake handle. The milling head part is also equipped with a servo motor, an internal toothed belt wheel, a ball screw pair and a spindle sleeve. They form a vertical (z-direction) feed transmission chain to make the spindle vertically move linearly.

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