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CNC Gantry Milling Machine Assembly Quality Standard

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The production process of CNC gantry milling machines is very important, and the quality standards of machining and assembly of the machine tools are also very important. The high-demand assembly requirements are embodied in the following:
1. The bed, table, column, beam, ram, and slide are important castings. After roughing, aging treatment or other measures to eliminate internal stress must be performed.
2. Bed rail and table guide rail pair, cross beam and boring and milling head slide rail guide pair, boring and milling head slide plate and ram guide rail pair, beam and column guide rail pair are important rail pair, and high (medium) frequency induction hardening should be used , Inlay, paste hardened steel belt and other wear-resistant measures.
3. The following joints should be evaluated in accordance with the requirements of "important fixed joints":
   A. The joint of the bed and the bed;
   B. The joint surface of the column and the connecting beam;
   C. The joint surface between the upright and the bed;
   D. The interface between the main transmission box and the ram;
   E. The combined surface of the feed box of the boring and milling head and the beam;
   F. Joint surface of ram feed box and slide;
   G. The joint surface of the beam feed box and its related parts;
   H. The interface between the workbench and the workbench;
   I. The interface between the worm box and the bed.
Usually, we need to check the cleanliness according to the regulations used by CNC gantry milling machines, where the cleanliness of the main transmission box and the hydraulic box is checked by the weight method. The weight of impurities and dirt: the main transmission box must not exceed 400 mg / L; the hydraulic tank must not exceed 200 mg / L.
If, the steel-inlaid rail must be inspected without cracks. Weldments and welded parts must comply with relevant standard machine tool regulations. Important welding parts must be inspected without cracks.

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