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Single shaft shoulder mixing head

Time:2020-02-14 15:00

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Friction stir welding tool(stirring head)is one of the core technologies to achieve friction stir welding. It is known as theheart offriction stir welding. As a professional manufacturer ofstir weldingheads, we have a high-level stirring hea...

 Friction stir welding tool ( stirring head ) is one of the core technologies to achieve friction stir welding. It is known as the " heart " of friction stir welding . As a professional manufacturer of stir welding heads, we have a high-level stirring head design team, advanced Production and processing equipment as well as leading heat treatment and inspection processes. For different materials, different thicknesses and different welding methods, our company has successfully developed a variety of specifications, a variety of series of mixing heads. 
Standardization and serialization of mixing head
       After years of process exploration and accumulation, our company has standardized hundreds of mixing heads, which are suitable for welding a full range of aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, copper alloys, and some grades of high-temperature alloy steels and titanium alloy materials. Welding forms include flat straight Welds such as seams, two-dimensional planes, cylinder circumferential seams, cylinder longitudinal seams, spatial curved seams, and intersecting lines; welding forms include butt, lap, butt lap, unequal thickness welding, double-sided welding, corner welding Welding and other forms of welding.
       The standardized mixing head is a batch mixing head developed for large-scale use in the market. The main customer is a long-term stable welding product. The product structure change does not affect the use of the mixing head and the operating conditions do not change significantly. Typical use areas of standardized mixing heads include : new energy automobile parts (battery trays, battery packs, water-cooled plates, radiators, wheels), rail trains (vehicle bodies, side walls, floors, roof panels, pillow beams, couplers Boards, etc.), power electronics (finned radiators, liquid-cooled radiators, heat sinks, etc.) 
The company has standardized the mixing head
Serial number Applicable welding materials Applicable weld feature Applicable welding form Welding thickness Suitable products Welding degree
1 Aluminum alloy Flat straight seam
Plane 2D
Cylindrical seam
Longitudinal slit
Unequal thickness welding
Double-sided welding
1 to 60mm Battery tray
heat sink
Water cooling plate
Siding Products
Cylinder products
Cabinet products
3.0m / min
2 magnesium alloy 1 to 20mm 2.0m / min
3 Copper alloy 1 to 15mm 1.0m / min
4 Lead alloy 1 to 30mm 1.0m / min
High temperature alloy steel
1 to 10mm 0.5m / min



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