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Induction melting furnace startup test operation method

Time: 2019-07-05

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1. Open the water system, and the internal and external water systems are required to meet the standard for opening the furnace.

Medium frequency power supply inlet pressure: 0.15Mpa±10%, inlet and outlet water pressure difference ≥0.05Mpa,

Medium frequency power supply effluent temperature ≤ 42 ° C, inlet water temperature < 32 ° C

The inlet water pressure of the furnace body is 0.2Mpa-0.3Mpa, and the inlet and outlet water pressure difference is ≥0.08Mpa.

The inlet water temperature of the furnace body is <35 ° C. The outlet water temperature is ≤ 60 ° C.

2, the furnace body is added to the sputum or placed into the smelting metal (put it to the furnace mouth)

3. Make sure there are no people under the furnace and power cabinet.

4. Pull the knife gate and press the energy storage, closing, and rectification work, and the DC voltage rises to the full voltage.

If the rectification work light (green) does not light and the DC voltage does not rise, check whether the auxiliary point contact on the circuit breaker is good and check whether the pressure of the water pressure relay is adjusted.

5, start the stove with the charge

The power potentiometer is adjusted to zero position, press reset, press inverter operation, the intermediate frequency voltage has squeak, the frequency meter rises, and the DC current and the intermediate frequency voltage both rise, indicating that the inverter power supply has started.

Adjust the power potentiometer, the DC current rises, if the rectified overcurrent occurs (the DC voltage drops to zero), and the overcurrent signal light is on, adjust the W7 potentiometer on the rectifying main board.

6. Check the heating of KP tube, KK tube, transformer and other devices during the test furnace.

7, check the water pipe for blockage, etc.

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