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2T intermediate frequency furnace daily maintenance content

Time: 2019-07-09

2T intermediate frequency furnace daily maintenance content

1. Check the furnace circulation cooling water circuit for leakage and leakage, and display the pressure gauge reading.

2. Remove iron filings, iron blocks and slag around the furnace body and water-cooled cable.

3. Check the starting cylinder and the water-cooled cable for abnormal conditions.

4. Check the erosion of the furnace lining.

Daily maintenance of electric furnace 2 (power cabinet):

1. Check the power cabinet circulating cooling water system for leaks.

2. Check for water leaks and water collection in the power cabinet.

3. Check that all work lights and fault indicators are displayed properly.

4. Check if the capacitor in the power cabinet is oily and bulging.

5. Check if there is heat or sparking at the connection of the copper bars in the cabinet.

Routine maintenance of electric furnaces 3 (cooling towers and emergency systems):

1. Check the water storage in the cooling tower reservoir.

2. Check the spray pump and check whether the fan is running normally.

3. Check the emergency pump, whether the work is normal and the pressure is normal.

Monthly maintenance of electric furnace 1 (furnace body):

1. Check if the coil is ignited or discolored. Whether the supporting wood has fracture or carbonization.

2. Check the tightness of the yoke, check the rotation of the lifting cylinder lid, and whether the cylinder has oil leakage and adjust its speed.

3. Check the shaft pin of the hob and the shaft pin of the lifting cylinder for wear and looseness, and lubricate the rotating part.

4. Check water-cooled cables and water pipes.

Monthly maintenance of electric furnace 2 (power cabinet):

1. Check the conductivity of the cooling water of the power supply, which is less than 10us .

2. Dust off the module and main control board of each part and fasten the terminals on the module.

3. Check the condition of the discharge resistor.

Monthly maintenance of electric furnace 3 (cooling tower and emergency system):

1. Check the fan and check the bearing housing for refueling.

2. Check the spray pump, fan temperature setting, and check if the linkage is normal.

3. Clean the pool and remove the debris from the spray pump inlet filter.

4. Check and operate the emergency system for proper operation.

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