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1 ton intermediate frequency furnace use and maintenance method

Time: 2019-07-19

1 ton intermediate frequency furnace use and maintenance method

1, the furnace body tilt: need to be realized by the handle on the console. Pushing the joystick of the directional control valve to the "up" position, the furnace rises and the liquid metal is poured out of the mouth. If the handle is placed back in the middle "stop" position, the furnace will remain in the original tilt state, so the furnace can stay anywhere between 0-95 °. Push the handle to the "down" position and the furnace body will slowly descend.

2, the furnace lining device: the furnace body is tilted to 90 °, the ejector cylinder is connected with the lower part of the furnace body, the high pressure hose is connected and the speed of the ejector cylinder is adjusted. The old furnace lining can be pushed out by pushing the "furnace lining" handle on the console to the "in" position. Pull the handle to the “retraction” position, remove the cylinder after the cylinder is retracted, reset the furnace body after cleaning the furnace, check the refractory mortar and hoist it into the ejector module to start knotting the new furnace lining.

When working in a 3 ton intermediate frequency furnace , there must be sufficient cooling water in the sensor. Always check that the water temperature of each outlet pipe is normal.

4. The cooling water pipe should be cleaned regularly with compressed air, and the compressed air pipe can be connected to the joint on the water inlet pipe. The water source should be turned off before disassembling the pipe joint.

5. When the furnace is shut down in winter, it should be noted that there should be no residual water in the induction coil. It must be blown off with compressed air to prevent damage to the sensor.

6, when the 1 ton intermediate frequency furnace is installed with the busbar, the coupling bolts should be tightened, and the bolts should be checked frequently after opening.

After the 7-to-1 ton intermediate frequency furnace is opened, it is necessary to regularly check whether the joints and fastening bolts are loose. Pay more attention to the bolts that connect the conductive plates.

8. In order to prevent accidents caused by leakage at the bottom of the furnace, a leaking alarm device is installed at the bottom of the furnace. Once the liquid metal leaks, it is connected to the bottom electrode of the stainless steel wire at the bottom of the furnace, and the alarm device is activated.

9. When the wall is eroded, it should be repaired. The repair is divided into two cases: full repair and partial repair.

9.1, 1 ton medium frequency furnace is fully repaired:

Used when the wall is evenly eroded to a thickness of about 70 mm.

The repair steps are as follows;

9.2. Scrape all the slag attached to the crucible until the white solid layer is leaking.

9.3, put the same die as when building the furnace, set the center and fix it on the upper edge.

9.4. Prepare quartz sand according to the formula and operation method provided in items 5.3 , 5.4, and 5.5.

9.5. Pour the prepared quartz sand between the crucible and the die and use a φ6 or φ8 round bar.

9.6. After the compaction, add the charge to the crucible and heat it to 1000 ° C. It is best to keep it for 3 hours and then continue to heat up to melt the charge.

9.7, partial patching:

Used when the partial wall thickness is less than 70mm or there is erosion cracking above the induction coil.

The patching steps are as follows:

9.8. Scrape off the slag and deposits at the damage.

9.10. Fix the charge with steel plate, fill in the prepared quartz sand, and compact. Note 捣 Do not let the steel plate move in real time.

If the erosion cracking site is inside the induction coil, a full repair method is still required.

9.11, regularly lubricate the lubricating parts of the induction furnace.

9.12, the hydraulic system uses 20-30cst (50 ° C) hydraulic oil, should keep the oil clean and regular replacement.

9.13, the instrument indication and record of the leak alarm device should be paid attention to during the smelting process.

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