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Selection of 1 ton intermediate frequency furnace body structure

Time: 2019-07-19

Selection of 1 ton intermediate frequency furnace body structure

The power supply part of the 1 ton intermediate frequency furnace is composed of medium frequency power supply cabinet, capacitor cabinet, water-cooled cable, operation console and connecting copper bus. The mechanical part consists of furnace body, fixed frame, water and electricity introduction system, hydraulic device, operation console and furnace lining device. composition

1. Furnace body:

The 1ton medium frequency furnace hob adopts a frame structure, which has the advantages of simple structure, high strength and easy installation and disassembly. It is equipped with a yoke, an inductor, a lining material, and the like. The furnace body is tilted by the sliding bearing seat and the shaft. The tilting of the furnace body is driven by two plunger cylinders. It can be operated at any angle through the multi-way reversing valve on the operating table, and the limit rotation angle is 95 °. The inductor is made of copper tube and consists of a working coil and a water-cooled coil. The water-cooled coil plays a role in balancing the sidewall temperature of the lining and improving the life of the lining. The strip yoke on the outside of the inductor is formed by stacking silicon steel sheets to restrain the divergence of magnetic lines of force and to act as a tight coil. The bolt is pressed in the radial direction of the yoke. In this way, the inductor, the yoke, and the hob form a solid whole.

2. Fixing frame:

The 1 ton intermediate frequency furnace fixed frame is a triangular frame structure, which is welded by steel and plate. The fixed frame is integrated with the foundation through the anchor bolt.

In addition to the full static load of the furnace, the fixed frame must withstand all dynamic loads when the furnace is rotated and the furnace lining is ejected.

3. Hydropower introduction system:

The current of the 1 ton intermediate frequency furnace inductor is input through a water-cooled cable. There are cooling water in the copper tube and the water-cooled cable of the inductor. An electric contact pressure gauge is installed on the main inlet pipe of the furnace to monitor the water pressure and the water pressure is low. The water temperature probe is installed on each water branch of the induction coil. For cooling water over temperature alarm. GB10067.1-88 predetermined cooling water temperature rise of: inlet temperature of less than 35 ° C, the temperature rise of not more than 20 ° C.

4. Hydraulic system:

The two stoves are equipped with a hydraulic station and an operating station. It is used to control the tilting of the furnace body and the lining of the furnace.

4.1. Hydraulic device:

The working medium of the 1 ton intermediate frequency furnace hydraulic device is anti-wear hydraulic oil. For the working principle, see "Hydraulic Schematic"

4.2. Operation console:

The operation console is mainly composed of multi-channel manual control reversing valve, oil pump start, stop button, indicator light and box body. By manipulating the valve handle, the tilting of the furnace body and the lining of the furnace lining can be achieved.

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