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Method for selecting 2T induction melting furnace closed cooling tower

Time: 2019-07-20

Method for selecting 2T induction melting furnace closed cooling tower

The closed water circulation cooling tower uses the FL-1600 closed cooling tower produced by Wuxi Ark Water Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. The fully enclosed cooling tower soft water is provided by the purchaser.

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Equipment Name: Enclosed cooling tower.

1. Meet the requirements of 1250KW, 2 tons medium frequency melting furnace water cooling system.

2, 1 set of cooling tower two channels of water, one of the FL-350 for the intermediate frequency power supply, capacitors, reactors to cool, the cooler uses a copper coil. The other way, the FL-1250 cools the furnace body, the yoke, the water-cooled cable, and the copper channel of the tank, and adopts a carbon steel coil.

3. The two-way cooling adopts double pump design (one for one), and the water pump is stainless steel water pump.

4. The selection of the closed cooling tower is continuously operated for 16 hours in the middle frequency furnace to ensure that the water temperature rise of the furnace body is lower than 20 °C, and the temperature rise of the power part is lower than 10 °C for selection.

5. The cooling method adopts air cooling + water cooling mode. The water outlet is provided with water temperature display and alarm function, and the switch of the sprinkler system can be automatically controlled by the digital display temperature controller to realize the adjustment of the inlet and outlet water temperature.

6. The main body of the equipment is made of galvanized sheet, which has high corrosion resistance and heat resistance.

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