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Induction melting furnace power type selection

Time: 2019-07-29

Induction melting furnace power type selection

Induction melting furnace types are mainly two types of intermediate frequency power: frequency power supply circuit and a parallel inverter having a series circuit of an inverter frequency power supply.

In China's foundry industry, the intermediate frequency induction furnace that is used to configure the thyristor (SCR) full-bridge parallel inverter intermediate frequency power supply is commonly known as induction melting furnace. The intermediate frequency induction furnace for the configuration ( SCR ) or (SCR) half-bridge series inverter intermediate frequency power supply is commonly known as the intermediate frequency induction melting furnace. Since the inverter power supplies of the two induction furnaces are different, their working performance is also very large. The difference.

SCR full-bridge parallel inverter intermediate frequency power supply medium frequency furnace ( PS series power supply), also produces SCR half-bridge series inverter intermediate frequency power supply frequency conversion furnace ( CSor CA series power supply). A brief comparison of their advantages and disadvantages and scope of application ( see Table 3) is provided below so that users can correctly select these two different types of furnaces according to their respective process requirements.

Comparison of main performance of induction melting furnace

Comparison project

SCR full bridge parallel inverterintermediate frequency power supply


SCR half bridge series inverter intermediate frequency power supply


Product specification range

160 ~ 4000 kW

50 ~ 2500 kW

Grid side power factor

Rated power is close to 1

Reduced power factor when power is reduced

Always close to 1

Harmonic interference

the same

the same

Transformation efficiency

When the same power,when power is slightly lower

When the same power, when power is slightly higher

Load adaptation range



Constant power output capability

The output power of the cold material start-up phase is low; after the inverter control is improved, the constant power operation can be approached, but the control technology is complicated.

Constant power operation throughout the entire melting process, simple control

Operating frequency range

Up to 2500 Hz

Mainly used for induction melting and insulation

Up to 100 kHz

Suitable for induction melting and insulation, also for diathermy and quenching

Work stability

high. The intermediate frequency current is self-forming, and the triggering of the thyristor must have a certain current, and the anti-interference ability is strong.

Higher. The IF current must form a loop through the SCR . The SCR is a voltage control device. The external interference voltage may falsely trigger the SCR.

Device overcurrent capacity and overcurrent protection

Large overcurrent capacity and simple protection circuit

Small overcurrent capacity, complicated protection circuit and high technical requirements

Configuring the power transformer's margin requirements

Larger. The transformer configuration capacity is about 1.25 times themaximum output power of the intermediate frequency power supply.

small. The transformer configuration capacity is about 1.1 times themaximum output power of the intermediate frequency power supply .

Power sharing


Can not


Equipment prices


The price of the CSseries is usually about30% higher than the PSseries .

Recently, the CA series power supply developed by Xi'an Electromechanical Research Institute has a high performance- price ratio . The power supply capacity is below 1100 kW , and its price isslightly higher than thePS series by about 20% .

Spare part price




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